Anonymous murmured: who is your best friend?

Seeing as I’m a pretty lucky gal, I’ve got a few.

That boy mentioned below  (Grizzle) is one of them, he’s okay I guess.
Then we’ve got the usual suspects (in no particular order, I assure you)
Sydney (Syd Vicious) , Erin (Er-bear), Meredith (Merry Derry), and Kathie (Ginger). They’re the biggest, sweetest dorks you will ever meet in your life and I love them to pieces.

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Anonymous murmured: Hi! I was looking through your (quite fabulous) blog, and noticed that you had a boyfriend, are you two still together? Just a wonderin'

I was just looking at a boutonniere and a skinny tie for him on etsy last night~

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Anonymous murmured: Awesome blog!! Love the name too :)

Thanks anonagon! Sorry I don’t really post anything anymore.

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The Pieces Within Us by Digital CLR on Flickr.
28/52 by Jeen Na on Flickr.
We flew, we fly, we are flying. by Digital CLR on Flickr.
The Darkest Depths by evan-etc on Flickr.
shock factor by Mell P on Flickr.
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The Wayward Winds by Lissy Elle Laricchia on Flickr.